Gotorun is a blog about something…everything is about something in fact. Everything except nothing. Nothing is just about nothing…although it would be possible that nothing is about something…but then it wouldn’t be nothing anymore! Whatever, I don’t know…This blog is just about whatever it comes to my mind. But I am not that selfish, I would like to read about your upcoming ideas too, so don’t be shy and share them. And then we can build a blog of nothing, or moreover, a blog of so many things that seems not to have anything in it…but just because regular people do not usually find the word “diversifying” useful. They will just tell you “You have no idea what to do in life…” and maybe they are right. We just know life isn’t about something, but it’s about everything!

So, you are finally welcomed to my damned blog. Have a nice stay and leave comments about whatever you wanna say.


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