I am a newbie! So I congratulate myself hehe…

Hello World!…yeah, I know you would probably find that combination of words familiar, maybe it is because IT IS familiar! It’s just the way WordPress says “Hello” to all of us, I mean, the newbies (people who are doing something new in a new ambient, in a new project, just looking for some adventures in the triple-w-world). Well this is my brand new blog and I hope you enjoy it! but…

“How am I goin’ to enjoy if there’s absolutely nothing here yet?” you might ask yourself… well…mmm…I guess I haven’t think that yet, so sorry!! Do not worry, I am just kidding. Be patient, I have just started. Trust me, come here usually, and you will find this thing interesting! I’m just looking for new experiences. Virtual experiences in this particular case hehe.

This is a project of my own, so if you find this intriguing, well, just keep on visiting me and we’ll build a nice relationship based on I have no idea what! We’ll see…

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